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Jad and GeorgeJ. Marrouche (Left)
The trip was downright amazing on many different levels. The experience of the raceday atmosphere, the racetrack itself, the pitlane environment, the safety equipment, the mechanical problems, the qualifying laps, the ability to test your skills against others in a totally safe and legal way — it was all great and would certainly repeat many times again!

G. De Freitas (Right)
The overall trip was amazing. Not only did we get two races and three days on the track, we stayed in an amazing hotel, with amazing food, and we got to experience a safari and the local markets which were both fantastic. The country and the people were so friendly and as a getaway it was an experience to be remembered.

U. Hammama
To be perfectly honest, my first feeling upon leaving the aiport was “what am I doing here in Africa?”, but I must admit, I warmed to it  within a few days. Senegal is an amazing place and I felt so relaxed in the environment. The racing was also great. I thought I was a good driver, but I had never been on the track. I was pretty rubbish to be honest. It was the first time I experienced pushing a car to its limits and I started to understand and appreciate things I had never even considered before, like the tyres, the brakes, the suspension. I learnt so much that I feel a much better driver now. Highly recommended

J. Bendavid
The things I learnt from this trip: 1) Senegal is a really nice place, 2) The best investment you can make to go faster is in your driving skills, not on your car, 3) Racing is fun fun fun! Definitely recommended and I will go again.

I. Cardwell
I never thought I would ever be attracted to Senegal as West Africa isn’t on my bucket list. But the thrill of speeding around the Dakar racetrack would be enough to tempt anyone with an addiction to speed and racing cars. What a life-changing time for anyone. The people of Senegal are so friendly and welcoming when you take the chance to venture outside the racetrack too. Fabulous

Rob Edin

Wow! What an experience…

As the rest of the testimonials, to me it was the same feeling of going to Africa as Ray invited me on the trip, but fortunately, I went and I wish I had gone before. The track is phenomenal (really phenomenal!), the cars are so forgiving. The handling is sooo good, it gave Porsches and faster cars a run for their money around the corners and yet the cars are extremely safe. It was fully televised, professional marshals on every corner, huge sandy runoff areas and I really enjoyed the swimming pool in the middle of the track. I had a dip after every stint, with a cold drink, and by the time I went back racing, I was full of energy and ready to go again. The mechanics and the race engineers from RSR racing and Dakar Racing were extremely professional, they understood what setup suited us on the cars, and it was a perfect pit-stop everytime.

Michel and Nicole at Le Dakan (the hotel) were absolutely outstanding. The food was phenomenal, fresh sea-food, they took us to the market every day to pick our lunch and dinner, or they asked us what we wanted and hand picked everything for us individually.

Senegal — what a country. Really friendly and welcoming people. We had a great time on the day off in the safari and on the markets. The beach we went to was amazing and the fishing experience was also unbelievable. We caught fish I had never seen in my life before, and I tell you what, it tasted like nothing before.

If I keep going, I’ll be spending another hour writing about this experience. For those reading these testimonials, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Really a phenomenal experience. Ray, please book 1 car for me this November. My racing partner John Rickstein will be joining us. Good luck with what you’re doing. I’m so happy for you. Please send me all the dates for the track days in the UK.